zlginvest takes pride in presenting and marketing select properties for clients who enjoy designer real estate. All our managers are trained to look for key features that enhance and add value to properties either rented or sold through our network of agents, and through our experience as architects and interior designers. avenueK is one project that lends itself towards giving our managers international exposure to companies as Conran Designs from London and Christian Liaigre of France.

One of our earliest experience in hospitality work was the Capitol Hotel, now standing as a modern example of a timeless design for a boutique business class hotel situated right bang in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. We have our faith in timeless designs that do not necessarily have the flavour of the month, but values that outlasts tastes and current trends.

Our properties enjoy select locations in prime areas and have access to quality neighbourhoods. Our most recent f/b duyong restaurant designs have added value to the real estate of Warisan heritage Club at Pulau Duyong, Terengganu Malaysia and we envisage similar investments on our expertise to follow through shortly.

We hold to the concept that all real estate must bear the essential elements of a good design. The durability of a quality estate relies heavily on its maintenance and upkeep but also outlook in terms of its furnishing and appeal in the lifestyle sense. Amenities add some value to its investment but more importantly is its intrinsic location and how it is generally perceived as an address.

zlginvest is a new investment and property firm who in due course seek to gather small numbers of real estate, but unique locations for selected clients who has special requirements and preferences falling outside the reach of the standard market.

Our selected properties bear the design expertise of designers and architects trained exclusively in Germany and the UK.



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